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Radio Navigation - Jeppesen E.A.S.A. A.T.P.L. Training

Radio Navigation - Jeppesen E.A.S.A. A.T.P.L. Training
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Grâce à ce le livre le lecteur est initié, pas à pas, aux principes basiques de la Radio Navigation pour la préparation de l'examen A.T.P.L. E.A.S.A..

The subject Radio Navigation deals with techniques to determine one's position with the help of navigation transmitters. Readers are introduced to the basic principles of radio navigation, to enable them to understand the function and limitations of common systems today, in order to use them consciously and safely. Always up to date, printed on demand and using QR codes to provide animated graphics, this book presents this knowledge step-by-step.

Index :
- Basic Radio Propagation Theory
- Radio Navigation Aids
- Radar
- Area Navigation Systems : R.N.A.V. and F.M.S.
- Global Navigation Satellite System
- Keyword Index


Attention ! Cet ouvrage est intégralement en anglais.

Format : 21.5 x 28 cm
Date de parution : 2016


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