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Understanding Air France 447

Understanding Air France 447

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Le capitaine Bill PALMER nous propose de disséquer le vol Air France 447 Rio - Paris. Comment un appareil d'une si grande technologie peut-il disparaître aujourd'hui ?

"Comprendre Air France 447" remplace la fiction par la réalité. Bill PALMER est commandant de bord sur A330.

Air France flight 447 was lost in the early hours of June1, 2009. It was alomst inconceivable that one of the most airliners, with an excellent safety record and the latest technology could simply disappear.

In the nearly two years it took to locate the wreckage and its recorders, inaccurate theories and explanations flourished. Understanding Air France 447 replaces fiction with fact.

​You'll learn how the crew's experience, training, fatigue, weather conditions, communications, and operational complexities of this fly-by-wire aircraft all played a critical role in the most perplexing accident of our time.

Captain PALMER dissects this accidents as he writes from the technical perspective of someone who not only understands the aircraft but also airliner training and human factors. His critical analysis is followed by solutions to prevent a recurrence of a similar accident.

Attention : livre intégralement en anglais !

Nb de pages : 206 pages
Format : 15 x 23 cm
Date de parution : mars 2013


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