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German Jets of World War II

German Jets of World War II

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Germany was not only the first country to get a jet aircraft to fly but above all it was the only country fighting in World War Two to mass produce and above all engage several types of aircraft using this new kind of powerplant in the fighting, thus opening the way for air warfare as we know it nowadays.

This new volume in the collection "Planes and Pilots", which wittingly ignores the myriad of jet aircraft projects which the Germans thought up all during the war most of which never got beyond the drawing board, only deals with the machines which were built in enough numbers to be used operationally. The Messerschmitt Me 163 rocket-fighter, more dangerous for its pilots than for its opponents; the twin-engined Arado 234, better at reconnaissance than at bombing which was its intended role; the Heinkel He 162, the People’s Fighter, built in record time but arriving too late to prove the effectiveness of its design; and above all the Messerschmitt Me 262 - the real star among the German fighters during the last year of the war and whose tally of kills gives a glimpse of the real impact on the course of the war it might have had, had its development not been so considerably delayed by innumerable technical problems and, for a while, by crass strategic errors.

Nb de pages : 90 pages
Format : 20 x 24 cm
Date de parution : novembre 2012


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